What Are The Worst Kinds of Accidents?

What Are The Worst
Kinds of Accidents in Denver?

Chiropractic Denver CO Auto Accident

Accident doctors in Denver study how people get hurt. This special report reveals the most dangerous Denver/Aurora car accidents.

What Are The Worst Kinds of Accidents in Denver?

Chiropractic Denver CO Accident Injury

  1. Rear Impact Crashes: Scientists feel that these wrecks are worse for occupants than being hit head on. This is because the head moves 4 times more than frontal accidents.
  2. Side Impact Crashes: These accidents are particularly dangerous. There is a high risk of hitting the head on a side window and enduring brain damage. The occupants are 6 times more likely to die than the persons in the vehicle that struck them.
  3. Frontal Crashes: This is the most common type of injury. These crashes are “more survivable” than side impact accidents.  Modern vehicles have “crumple zones” that help absorb the impact.
  4. Roll-over Crashes: These kinds of accidents are more likely in S.U.V.’s due to the higher center of gravity.  Injuries are the rule when occupants are unbelted in these crashes.  This is by far the most dangerous type of crash.

What You Do After The Crash Is Critical

You may have been to the emergency room and told you have "no broken bones." This does not mean you're not injured!! You can feel serious pain in the weeks and months to come like;

  • Headache?
  • Neck Pain or Stiffness?
  • Tingling or Numbness?
  • Grinding Sounds in Neck?
  • Nausea?
  • Dizziness?
  • Soreness or Tenderness?
  • Low Back Pain?
  • Sciatica (Leg Pain)?
  • Difficulty Concentrating?
  • Jaw Trouble?
  • Difficulty Swallowing?
  • Shoulder or Arm Pain?
  • Wrist Pain or Numbness?
  • Insomnia?
  • Ringing in the Ears?
  • Swelling or Bruising?
  • Ribcage/Chest Soreness?
  • Changes in Vision?
  • Sore Between Shoulders?
  • Tightness or Spasm?
  • Light Headedness?

Waiting is Dangerous!

The above systems are often danger signs of a more serious underlying injury. If you have even one of these problems your injury may not ever go away without proper care.

The care we offer has been referred to as "the only proven care for chronic whiplash" by scientists who know. Without care you may end up like the 50% of serious accident victims that suffer life time pain.

You Could Feel Fantastic!

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No Insurance, No Problem!

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