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Chiropractic Denver CO Chiropractic Vs. PT

Which is Better, Chiropractic or P.T. in Denver CO?

May 11, 2022

Which is Better, Chiropractic or P.T. in Denver CO? Scientists and doctors wondered what kind of care produced the best results at the lowest price, and chiropractic in Denver CO won! It saves money and gets long lasting results. Trust The Science! A study done on 14,787 patients and published in the Journal of the…

Chiropractic Denver CO Why Make Whiplash Worse

Why Make Whiplash Worse in Denver CO?

May 4, 2022

Why Make Whiplash Worse in Denver CO? If you avoid 7 common mistakes, you’ll get well quickly and avoid the lifetime pain 50% of serious accident victims suffer in Denver CO! Big Mistake #1 – Denial of Injury in Denver CO After an accident, if there’s no car damage, you may assume you’re okay. Big…

Chiropractic Denver CO Chiropractic Care

Denver Chiropractor Comes Clean…

March 31, 2022

Denver Chiropractor Comes Clean… Unlike drugs, there are no “side effects” to quality chiropractic care in Denver. If there were, the list would look like the one below! Lessens or eliminates pain Removes nerve pressure Increases energy Prevents arthritis Improves posture and attitude Allows more movement of the spine Diminishes stress Improves brain power with…

Chiropractic Denver CO Finally No More Back Pain

Finally, No More Denver Back Pain!

March 24, 2022

Finally, No More Denver Back Pain! It’s scary and humiliating to be brought to your knees by excruciating Denver low back pain. Immobilized, you lose your freedom and confidence. Faced with these problems you live in denial and hope it goes away only to find your situation getting worse, not better. No More Back Pain…

Chiropractic Denver CO Meditation

Denver Chiropractor Teaches Meditation

March 16, 2022

Denver Chiropractor Teaches Meditation A frequent objection to meditation in Denver is; my mind wanders! That’s the nature of our minds, they’re working all the time and go everywhere. HERE’S THE SECRET TO MEDITATION IN DENVER If you want to learn to center yourself, sit in a relaxed place with the phone and television off.…

Chiropractor Denver CO Steven Visentin

Spinal Alignment is Vital

January 24, 2022

Spinal Alignment is Vital I was playing with whale bones thinking about how animals align their spines. Whales breach to crash upon the ocean, realign their spines and stimulate nerves. A house cat stretches all day to create an exquisite inner balance that facilitates movement and enhances health. Frequently, lions and tigers do the same…