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Denver Accident Checklist

June 26, 2014

Denver Accident Checklist If you’ve been involved in a Denver accident there are things you must do to take care of yourself, your family, and other drivers. Follow these procedures at all times. “VITAL INFORMATION IF YOU ARE INVOLVED IN AN AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT” Call police/ambulance Stay calm, keep the accident from getting worse Render aid…

Chronic Pain Denver

June 19, 2014

Chronic Pain Denver Long term chronic pain can wear down the strongest person and tear lives apart. Read what can be done about it without drugs and their side effects or dangerous surgery. Here are 7 home remedies many find helpful with chronic pain from conditions from arthritis to herpes zoster. #1 – Rest To…

Blog Discussions on Back Pain

May 20, 2014

Blog Discussions on Back Pain Back Pain Testimonial I suffered an injury to my lower back and neck from long-distance running in the late 1970’s. I wore down the disks, and my back steadily declined. I could not even walk without great pain and even then slowly. A friend suggested that I visit Dr. Visentin…